The internet is full of fascinating information…and sometimes time wasters, but that is ok too! Who doesn’t need a time waster here and there? These are some of my favorite things found while perusing the web in October! 

A Few of My Favorite Things~October 2015

Because the holidays are right around the corner, I thought it would be appropriate to start off with an awesome “Do It Yourself” gift tutorial!

How to Turn Grandma’s Brooches into Beautiful DIY Statement Pieces

If you have some vintage pieces of grandma’s jewelry lying around, Zoe DuFour Jewelry recently posted a step by step tutorial on how to turn brooches into beautiful statement pieces! It is super easy to do and what a fabulous and meaningful gift idea! Of course you could always make one and just keep it for yourself…

A Few of My Favorite Things~October 2015


Instagram Favorite!

I recently discovered Niki from Happy Clay on Instagram and fell in love with her handmade pottery! I have never seen anything like her style. She makes the most beautiful, bowls, platters, tumblers and more. 

A Few of My Favorite Things~October 2015

DIY Pumpkin Favorite:  Pin It For Next Year!

Yes, I am aware Halloween was yesterday, but I just loved these white pumpkins with gold lettering from Octavia Kathryn! If you love them too, pin them for next year! (Not that I am lazy, but anything that gets me out of carving a pumpkin is going to be my favorite…)

A Few of My Favorite Things~October 2015

Food, Food, Glorious Food!

Cheese…yum! Cheese is always a favorite of mine. Luckily Buzzfeed came up with an incredible list of 21 Healthy-ish Recipes for People Who Can’t Live Without Cheese that made the favorites list…it helped that number four is one of mine. 

A Few of My Favorite Things~October 2015

Favorite Money Saver!

Any service that offers convenience and organic, non GMO, non toxic all natural products that are up to 50% off everyday and delivered to your door with free shipping is going to be a favorite of mine! And when you join Thrive Market they provide a low income family with a free membership. Win/win! Thrive carries everything you need for the pantry, personal products and supplements.

Physical Health and Mental Well Being:

Scientists are discovering more and more about the connection between the state of your belly and the well being of your brain! Microbes that live in your gut determine your mood, your anxiety level and even your behavior! Fascinating stuff I tell you!

A Few of My Favorite Things~October 2015


I hope my favorite things jive with yours. And if you have some great finds please share them in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!~ Linda Spiker


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