If you have been reading my blog for a while or come to my cooking classes you know salads are my jam. I love to create them, photograph them and eat them. Restaurant salads usually leave me disappointed. This is NEVER the case at my favorite restaurant in Orange County, Three Seventy Common. This Is the Three Seventy Common Kale Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette. kale salad with citrus vinaigrette.jpgEvery summer our family spends a week in Newport Beach. We play by the pool, take the grandkids to the beach, stroll the shops, have fun on Balboa Island and take evening boat rides enjoying the breathtaking sunsets… and of course we eat some pretty fantastic food! There are plenty of really great restaurants to choose from in the Laguna Beach/Newport area but my favorite (hands down!) is Three Seventy Common. I think the reason I love this salad and Three Seventy Common‘s menu so much is because it is my kind of food; real food, prepared from scratch, locally sourced, healthy and of course, delicious! Three Seventy Common is what is known as a ‘farm to table’ restaurant and is located a half a block from Laguna Beach’s picturesque seashore. You can make a day of it by going to the beach and then enjoying a dinner prepared by owner and chef Ryan Adams.

kale salad with citrus vinaigrette

I love the relaxed vibe and the open kitchen. Seeing the food preparation makes the anticipation of what you are about to be served all the more tantalizing. And I love watching the chefs do their thing!370_DownstairsDiningRoom

Sunday Socials:

On Sundays the chef chooses the menu (and he does a darn fine job!). On the last Sunday of every month Chef Ryan always serves up his fried chicken dinner…and it is outrageous! Old fashioned fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, cornbread, braised green beans with pork belly, sauteed greens, and coconut cake for dessert, all served family style! It’s no coincidence that we visit our kids that live in the area on the last Sunday of the month as often as we can! sunday_new_imgTo say I am excited that Chef Ryan Adams has shared a recipe with The Organic Kitchen is an understatement. This salad fits right in The Organic Kitchen’s wheelhouse: hearty greens, seasonal fruits, roasted nuts and homemade dressing of course! If you live in Southern California swing by Three Seventy Common and tell them The Organic Kitchen sent you!

Preparation and helpful hints:

To rinse/soak kale: Place kale stalks in a large bowl and fill with water. Leave in bowl for 10 minutes swish stalks around every few minutes. Rinse well. Cut out ribs and discard stalks, chiffonade remaining leaves. See how hereThe Citrus Vinaigrette recipe makes a lot of dressing, feel free to cut the recipe in half and save extra in the refrigerator. You will need: a good knife, sea salt, a hand held juicer, a blender (affiliate links) and pickled grapes (see recipe and ‘how to’ here) You need to prepare grapes a day ahead. This was my first experience with pickling and I loved it! If you would like to see more, scroll to the bottom of the page!Kale Salad with Pickled Grapes and Citrus Vinaigette

The Recipe: Kale Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette from Three Seventy Common



I loved my first pickling experience! If you would like to try your hand at it you may want to take a glance at the beautiful pickling and preserving  Collections from Provisions by Food52!Pickling and Preserving