If you saw my first installment of “Everything But The Turkey” you know that my mama makes the turkey, stuffing and gravy every year and always has. So side dishes have become my jam! Sit down, relax and scroll through these amazing holiday menu ideas for everything… but the turkey!

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Everything But The Turkey Part 2 ~ Easy Holiday Side Dishes



Keep it simple, elegant and delicious with this Easy Tomato Bruschetta!

Everything but the Turkey Part 2 ~ Easy Holiday Side Dishes


I love the idea of soup for a holiday side dish! This Creamy Butternut Squash Soup is festive and so easy to make! The best part is you can make it days ahead.

Easy Holiday Side Dishes

The Salad:

A favorite of mine all year long! Greens with Blanched Asparagus and Honey Chipotle Vinaigrette.

Easy Holiday Side Dishes


Freshly Made Cranberry Sauce:

Homemade Cranberry Sauce is definitely one of those recipes you will be glad you made from scratch! Super easy and so much better than canned!


The Vegetable Dishes:

Last year we snazzed up the green beans, this year we are keeping it super simple with these Blanched Green Beans



and Brussels Sprouts and Fingerling Potato Hash!




 The Potatoes…yowza!

Last year I did a decadent mashed potato, which is the norm because people do love their gravy! But if you are open to changing it up how about these Three Cheese Au Gratin Potatoes? Pretty fantastic if I do say so myself. 

Everything but the Turkey Part 2 ~ Easy delicious holiday side dishes

 The Dessert:

Orange and cranberry make a delightful holiday dessert combination! This moist Orange Cranberry Cake makes the perfect finale to this menu!

Everything but the Turkey Part 2 ~ Easy delicious holiday side dishes




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