This is the second installment of my “Month of Motivation” and today we are focusing on juicing, blending and detoxifying the body. If you have not joined the ’14 Day Green Breakfast Challenge’ from Heal Thyself,  it’s not too late! It’s free and simple. Now is the time to buy the ‘greens’ you will need for the coming week if you haven’t already. Don’t worry, I have plenty of recipes for you below. The ’14 Day Challenge’ begins Monday, but of course you can start anytime!

Month of Motivation: Juicing, Blending, Detoxifying from


What Does “Detoxing” or “Cleansing” Mean Exactly?

It usually means cutting back on the body’s ‘toxic load’ by eating light, fasting or juicing, and using external means to flush out toxins such as supplementing with herbs, using infrared saunas, exercise induced sweating, dry brushing (stimulates the lymphatic system), epsom salt baths, oil pulling etc…

Detoxing With Diet:

Imagine you are at your desk doing paper work and your boss sets another stack of papers on your desk. You look at it, it’s manageable, no problem. But before you are halfway through the first stack he sets another bigger stack of paperwork on your desk. Now you are overwhelmed and have to work overtime. But your boss keeps returning with more and more paperwork and soon you are so far behind you will never catch up, even if you work around the clock! After years of this you are so tired you can’t do your job effectively and you want to quit. This scenario is similar to the process your liver goes through. If you eat a healthy light meal it’s like that manageable stack of papers. But then you (the boss) eat too much too soon (a bigger stack of papers) and your liver is a little overwhelmed but it keeps plugging along doing it’s job. Then you add even more ‘paperwork’ (too much sugar, artificial fats, flavors and colors) and suddenly your liver is working overtime, round the clock actually, and your liver becomes tired, sluggish, functions improperly and after years of this, well… it wants to quit!

Juicing gives your hard working liver a ‘vacation’. Fresh juices and smoothies are easy to digest, relieving your liver of it’s burden and allowing it to process some past ‘work’. When the liver gets a break you feel better, look better, sleep better, absorb nutrients better and therefore have more energy! Your liver can effectively detoxify your body because it can now eliminate effectively and you aren’t adding to the load by piling on more ‘paperwork’….so to speak.

The Benefits of Juicing and Blending:

There is no better way to introduce raw fruits and vegetables into your diet than by juicing and blending (there is a difference between juicing and blending…we will get to that). It’s fast, easy to do and floods the body with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients (plant chemicals). These nutrients help prevent heart disease, cancer, inflammatory diseases (like rheumatoid arthritis) and boost the immune system. If that weren’t enough there is a lesser known benefit that I certainly appreciate. A diet high in antioxidants slows the oxidative process. Oxidation causes aging…slow the oxidation process…slow the aging. Yep, that is what I said! Oxidation damages cells causing you to age and deteriorate. The only known way to slow oxidation is by eating and supplementing with antioxidants. Vegetables and fruits are full of antioxidants!

What is the Difference Between “Juicing” and “Blending”?

juicer extracts the pulp, skin and fiber of the vegetables and fruits and leaves you with a thin juice that still has all the vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals of the original foods, but very little fiber. A blender on the other hand blends all the food you put into it retaining all the nutrients and fiber and has the consistency of a thick smoothie or shake. So whether you juice or blend can be decided by what you want to accomplish. Juicing gives your liver and digestive system that important ‘time off’ from digesting food while still supplying your body a fabulous array of nutrients. Blending doesn’t give your digestive system the same ‘break’ BUT if your digestive system is sluggish, blending might be a better choice for you because all that roughage helps things move along, so to speak. Just keep in mind that too much fiber has exactly the same side effects as too little! I juice and blend depending on my mood and what my body is telling me it needs.

So now that you have some knowledge under your belt I hope you are motivated to start. These recipes are great for “14 Day Green Breakfast Challenge” from Heal Thyself, but of course they are great even if you choose not to participate in the challenge.

Juicing, Blending and Detoxing Recipes and Remedies

Diary of a Reluctant Juicer~ My favorite recipes, especially good for the beginning juicer
Detox Smoothie for Liver Cleansing from The Real Food RN
Clean Green Juice from Jar O Honey
Juicing The Smart Way from Girl Meets Nourishment
Five Immunity Boosters (you can add to your smoothies) from The Natural Singer
Anti-Inflammatory Orange Avocado Smoothie from A Harmony Healing

Detox Salad from Real Food RN
Simple Spinach Salad (from me)
Fresh and Easy Salad (from me)
Aunty P’s Raw Kale Salad from Jar O Honey

Benefits of Epsom Salts from Green Boot living
Yogic Detox for the Nervous System from Spirit Healers
How to Dry Brush from Healing Cuisine by Elise
The Ultimate Detox Bath from Real Food RN
Epsom Salt Baths from Health, Home and Happiness
Oil Pulling: What It Is and How to Do It from Hybrid Rasta Momma

Month of Motivation: Juicing, Blending, Detoxifying from

I hope you learned something today! Lifestyle changes are all about discarding old habits that no longer serve you and implementing new habits that do!

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