February, the month of romance and love. And what’s not to love about February?! Well there was that pesky polar vortex I guess, but here in California it’s been Spring since Summer so I can’t complain much about weather. Although… I am ready to start writing about lighter spring fare and my trip to Italy in May.

I slid that in rather casually didn’t I...like I do it every year. “Yes, we summer in Italy, how droll”.

Actually, this is my first trip to Europe. My husband is taking me for my birthday. Of course I am taking my camera and a two day food/cooking tour so I can share my culinary escapades with you.

And because I so love sharing with you let’s take a look at my February Favorites from around the World Wide Web. Just click on the blue links to view posts.

Food, food glorious food!

Speaking of Italy... my recipe for Italian Breakfast Pizza was featured on How We Flourish. Egg crust, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, goat cheese, pine nuts…oh my! Grain free too!

February Favorites~ Italian Breakfast Pizza

If you follow me on any social media, you know salads are my jam. I won’t just share any old salad with you, only salads that are truly special! This Arugula and Citrus Quinoa Salad from Gina at So Let’s Hang Out is spectacular. And that Gina is my kinda gal: smart and witty…she makes me laugh.

February Favoritesarugula-and-citrus-salad-0463blog

I can’t tell you how many times someone asks me a general food question and I can’t answer it without asking them 3 or 4 questions first! I loved this article from Paleo Diet Basics “Answering a Food Question with a Question” Insightful and informational, I think you will really enjoy it too!




I have followed The Slim Palate on Instagram for a year. Joshua Weissman is literally a boy. Seventeen years old I believe, but he sure knows how to cook! Check out his cookbook here.


Another Instagram favorite is a designer and porcelain tableware maker, Lindsay Emery. I love her pieces, delicate, colorful and functional! You can find her on Instagram at suiteonestudio or check out her website here.

February favorites at The Organic Kitchen

Health and Well Being:

BPA is a hazardous chemical found in plastics and it’s invading our blood streams. Food Forager tells you “How to Clear BPA From Your System Naturally” and it’s pretty easy to do!

Forgiveness and the power it has to release you from emotional bondage and physical illness is a difficult concept for many people to understand. If you struggle with this you may want to read this post “Forgiveness and Your Health” on Day2dayjoys.com

“What’s Wrong With You Again?” is a question people with chronic illnesses hear time and time again. This piece from simplyhealthyhome.com might lend some perspective about chronic illness and how to approach asking questions.

Green Living:

If you have a yard big enough for a garden…a real garden…I may just be a little envious and you may want to take a gander at this amazing garden plan from We Got Real.

February Favorites

Speaking of gardening…I have a little something in the works myself. I am experimenting with container gardening and as a novice I found this article “12 Fail-Proof Crops for Beginners” from Attainable Sustainable  invaluable!

Ever wonder how many plastic toothbrushes get thrown away every day in America? I have…yes I know I am a little weird, but think about it! Take a look at this fabulous and  less wasteful idea featured on Scratch Mommy.



Home and Family:

Now that we are empty nesters I sometimes have to remind people that I had six kids in ten years. I started out feeding them really well, then became overwhelmed and let their food habits go to H-E double hockey sticks in a hand basket. Once I got my steam back I had to do a complete overhaul of their eating habits and they fought me…until they didn’t. Thankfully today they are outright food snobs (in the good way). Do you find it challenging to get your kids to eat real food? You are not alone. I love this post from Kristen at livesimplyme.com. She keeps it simple and concise “Real Food for Real Kids: Three Practical Tips

Real Food for real Kids~ The Organic Kitchen February Favorites

And because I am a sucker for all things beautiful, especially kitchens, I just had to share this amazing redesign from the blog Brass Jones. The woodwork, the color palette, the kitchen, the floors! Prepare yourself for some serious sighing and perhaps a little ‘pinning’.


Kitchen Redesign ~ February Favorites from The Organic Kitchen

Well that’s the whole February shebang my little Valentines. Looking forward to sharing lots of fabulous food with you in March! I believe there will be quite a few “green” posts in honor of St. Patrick and my Irish roots! Please check out my Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter cookbooks!


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