My favorite things from around the World Wide Web in August! As Always we start with…

A Few Of My Favorite Things ~ September 2014


Food, food, glorious food!

My husband and I the read the book “It Starts with Food” (affiliate link) and started the Whole 30 Program in May. It has been nothing short of miraculous for him! Whole 30 is an anti inflammation eating plan, essentially completely eliminating inflammatory foods for 30 days. The hope is after 30 days you will feel so great you decide to continue with these good habits for the long haul. My husband lost 23 lbs and and the inflammation in his knee disappeared. The limp and pain he has had for 10 years is no longer there and for now he canceled his plans for a knee replacement! Which brings me to this fantastic Collection of Whole 30 Recipes from Honey Ghee and Me! This is a life saver for anyone doing Whole 30. You may recognize a few of my recipes in there!


If you have an over abundance of cucumbers from your garden or simply want to try making pickles using cucumbers from the grocery store try this recipe for Easy Refrigerator Pickles from Live Simply! A Few of My favorite Things ~ Sept 2014
And last don’t be fooled by the hype about Gatorade, it’s terrible for you and your child. This article from Food Babe “The Truth About Gatorade and How to Replenish Electrolytes Naturally” is a real eye opener!


A few of my favorite food accounts:
Health Starts in The Kitchen, The First Mess, and Bon Appetite Magazine!


I love Pinterest. Who doesn’t? It’s such a great way to organize recipes, health tips and decorating ideas. So here are a few of my favorites.. Decor: Brass Jones Gardening and Green Living: Attainable Sustainable Food: A Bountiful Kitchen Of course I would love it if you followed The Organic Kitchen! 10177429_842191305799090_4993476726301879809_n  

Home and Family:

Just a little reminder that children need to be taught how to eat, just like they need to be taught manners, how to talk, and how to do math. Teach your children where food comes from. If they make a connection to their food they are more likely to eat it. So let them choose produce in the grocery, taste samples at the farmers market, help in the kitchen and pull food out of the ground when possible! Teaching your children to eat well sets them up for a happier, healthier life. For a few simple tips to get your child to eat well check out this article from Conveying Awareness. 10461935_842189012465986_832096667329945053_n Well I hope browsing all these fantastic sites inspires you! I know it does me! August was a terrific month on the web, I am excited to see what September brings!