Do you remember my “How to Throw a (Relatively) Stress Free Shindig” post? Well this little guy is what all the fuss was about!

This, is Will.

He is eight weeks old and was blessed in church last Sunday. Baby blessings are always special but his was especially so. It took him a little while to get here, so family came from far and wide to celebrate his much anticipated arrival! I used all the tips from my “How to Throw a Stress Free Shindig” post and we had ourselves a party with pretty much no stress!

There were hugs and lots of amazing food…

…and a lot of hovering and ooohhhing and ahhhhing over Will, although…

…although he did have a little competition…you will notice a little hovering here too…around the appetizer platter. Trust me there was some ooohhhing and ahhhing going on as well.

The Organic Kitchen No Fuss Appetizer Platter is really no fuss!

Besides slicing the gouda cheese there is no prep at all. My beautiful friend Kristen served this at a party and I loved it so much I included it in a class.

No Fuss Appetizer Platter

No Fuss Appetizer Platter

Above: The Before Shot

The crackers are (affiliate link) Raincoast Crisps by Leslie Stowe. They are really more like bread crisps than a cracker and come in a variety of flavors. Notice the beautiful nuts and seeds baked right in. No wonder they are my favorite! I buy them in the Whole Foods Market gourmet section. If you can’t find them, click here to have them delivered to your door.

No Fuss Appetizer Platter

Fig Spread and Goat Cheese!

Oh boy, these two items combined are outrageously good! I use ‘Matica Caprichio de Cabra’ from Whole Foods Market. It is the best goat cheese I have come across! But whatever brand you choose, go with a log that can be cut to size. That way you end up with a perfect round that can be topped with (affiliate link) Organic Adriatic Fig Spread, also from the Gourtmet Section at Whole Foods or Sprouts Markets. Just spoon the fig spread onto the goat cheese and then spread on a cracker! Again if you can’t find it, click!

No Fuss Appetizer Platter

Now, onto the (affiliate link) Marcona Almonds. These delicious little treats are blanched almonds coated in olive oil, rosemary and sea salt. I buy mine at Trader Joe’s but they can be found in almost any super market. Again, if you aren’t lucky enough to live by a TJ’s they can be delivered to your door.

No Fuss Appetizer Platter


The Gouda…Aged Five Years:

Quite possibly the best part. This gouda is aged five years! It tastes like caramel and cheese all rolled into one. Eaten on the crackers or alone followed by sweet red grapes, well, it’s heavenly! I buy Uniekaas at WF”s but Trader Joe’s also sells a 1000 day aged Gouda that is… well… very gouda too. My apologies, that was cheesy. (Oops I did it again!)

No Fuss Appetizer Platter

This is the perfect appetizer for any party but it can set you back a bit. If you need something a little more budget friendly just pick and choose an item or two! Serving just the goat cheese and fig spread with crackers is a perfect option! Or the almonds and grapes…whatever fits the budget.

So it was a beautiful day filled with family, friends and good food and even though Will was pretty busy getting fawned over and I was busy taking pictures and cooking I managed to get some cuddles and spoiling in! It’s a grandma’s job after all.

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