Spring, it’s such a lovely time of year to entertain outdoors. Whether you have a balcony, a small yard, live on acreage, or simply like to look at beautiful outdoor decor, I have some delightful garden inspiration for you. Sometimes very small changes can go a long way toward adding a charm and ambiance to an outdoor space!
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Flower Pots:

It goes without saying that when your yard looks beautiful you will want to spend more time in it. One of the easiest and most budget friendly ways to spruce up a small space is with color! Whether rustic, sleek, traditional or modern, flower pots make any space more welcoming and relaxing.

Adding Charm to Your Outdoor Space!

Bird Houses and Feeders: 

Charm your guests and our feathered friends by adding birdhouses or feeders to your garden space. 

Adding Charm to Your Outdoor Space!


Offer your visitors refreshing drinks on the patio served in beautiful dispensers, pitchers and glassware! Just looking at that beautiful fruit infused water makes me want to put my feet up and relax!

Adding Charm to Your Outdoor Space!


I love to eat outdoors, especially with friends and family. This gorgeous rustic table with colorful dining chairs is right up my alley. Imagine the lovely parties you could host around this quaint dining set. View all outdoor furniture from Terrain here.

Adding Charm to Your Outdoor Space!

The Finishing Touch: Lighting!

No matter the size of your space nothing adds ambiance like lighting. Place lanterns on tables, hang them from trees or add string lights over the patio for a final touch of garden romance and whimsy.

Adding Charm to Your Outdoor Space!

May your spring be filled with beautiful food, lovely people and plenty of relaxation~ Linda Spiker

Adding Charm to Your Outdoor Space!


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