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Food, Food, Glorious Food

The Organic Kitchen July Favorites!

Creamy Orange Blackberry Sorbet from Honey Ghee and Me. So pretty and refreshing. And served in an orange peel cup!

These Apple Cinnamon Swirl Ice Cream Sandwiches from the Food Hunter’s Guide to Cuisine look like the perfect summer treat!

Do you ever end up wasting berries because they go bad before you can use them? I am guilty. Live Simply has a simple solution: Keeping Berries Fresh

Simplifying, green living, sustainability

I always appreciated non-toy gifts when my kids were little! We already had enough toys and enough clutter. Here are 18 non toy gift ideas for children from Nourishing Minimalism.

Did you know eggs shells are great for the garden? Find out why and how to use them from Attainable Sustainable!

Don’t waste those greens! Learn to Freeze Greens so you can use them later… from Fresh Bites Daily!

The Organic Kitchen July Favorites!


My Day in AG is a new favorite account of mine on Instagram. They allow guests to give you a virtual tour of their day in agriculture. You can even sign up to be a tour guide yourself!


It is no secret I am a a sucker for a beautiful kitchen. If you are too, check out this blog post, “If I Were A Kitchen” from Alice Lane Home and get some designer tips for your kitchen!

The Organic Kitchen July Favorites!


My husband and I read the book “It Starts with Food” and have been on the Whole 30 plan for over 2 months. Whole 30 is an anti-inflammatory eating plan. My husband has lost 19 lbs, stopped snoring and the inflammation in his knee is so much better he has postponed a knee replacement surgery indefinitely! I recommend reading this book for several reasons; it is one of the few books that focuses on the affect food has on your brain, how food causes inflammation, and stresses the importance of eating mindfully instead of just shoveling food into your face with no regard to the consequences. It also give you a real food education!

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