Happy New Year! Ok those aren’t really my resolutions, I set the bar a little higher than that. Originally one of my resolutions was to lose 5 lbs but a retched case of the Norovirus helped me achieve that goal a little early. Don’t panic, Norovirus is just the good old fashioned stomach flu but this strain is from Australia so it has an accent.

If you are like most people you have set at least one health related New Year’s resolution, and if you are like most people (and by most people, I mean me) you will fail to keep that resolution within the first week (or minute) of the New Year. I truly believe when we set resolutions we have the best intentions. We begin with gusto but a few days later we lose interest for various reasons: we didn’t properly prepare, or consider time constraints, or set practical achievable goals, or can’t stay focused for longer than five minutes because we are a little…well… loser-y… we’ve all been there. This year we can do it though! Because this year we have a plan!

1. Get motivated
2. Set Goals
3. Join the “14 day Green Breakfast Challenge” (begins 1/6/13)
4. Follow along each week as we discuss different health topics

That’s it!

So How Do I Get and Stay Motivated:

I believe motivation comes from knowledge. When we know exactly why we are doing something I think it makes commitment to that goal easier to maintain. A little encouragement helps too. So I have compiled a ‘month of motivation’ to help you stay focused and feel supported in your health improvement goals! I will post every Monday for the next month on the following topics:

Motivation to Start / Goal Setting
Juicing and Detox
Balancing Blood Sugar/ Inflammation
Healing the gut
Exercise and Fitness
Maintaining Good Habits for The Long Haul

Motivation and goal setting start now: Begin now, before the new year while you still have a couple of days to choose and refine your goals. I have collected a few of my favorite posts to provide some guidance in wise goal setting and how to get started. Just click on the blue link. (PS: If you are joining us late, no worries! Just start when you start!)

How to Create Smart Health Goals (That Will Not Fail!) from Mindful Meals
Want to Get Healthy? Change Your Mindset also from Mindful Meals
How to Create a Menu Plan from Divine Health from the Inside Out
“8 Simple Ways to Become a Healthier Eater” from Naturally Mindful
10 Lifestyle Tips to Increase Energy, Strength and Immunity from A Harmony Healing
21 Days Of Clean Eating from Peace, Love and Fitness

Ok, so now you have all the motivation you need! Over the next two days, set and refine your goals, join the 14 Day Green Breakfast Challenge (it’s free and begins January 6th) and if you need some recipes to get you started on healthy eating in the meantime…you know I have your back!

Spinach Salad ~ Good fats, fiber and folate:)
Roasted Root Vegetables~ Perfect healthy side dish
Diary Of a Reluctant Juicer~ My favorite juicing recipes
Poached Eggs with Veggies on Toast~ A hearty filling breakfast

Month of Motivation from www.theorganickitchen.org

Yum! Eating well looks pretty great. It’s going to be an excellent year! Be sure to subscribe so you will be notified next Monday when the next installment of the series is posted! And check out my cookbooks here.


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