Avocados are one of my favorite things to eat! They are rich, creamy and loaded with good fats that provide your mind and body with energy and make your skin glow! And while they are a staple in California, I learned from teaching cooking classes that not everyone is adept at slicing them. So today I am going to teach you how to slice an avocado like a pro!
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How to slice an avocado: A marble surface with a cutting board with half and avocado and avocado slices on it, surrounded by avocados and oranges


Let’s Talk About the Avocado…

First things first. Avocados are a fruit, not a vegetable. They are loaded with healthy Omega 3 fats, fiber, Vitamins A, C and E, and are also high in potassium. All great things! If you are afraid of the calories, don’t be. Recent research indicates that a diet that contains 20-30% calories from “good fat” like the oils found in avocados, not only supports good health but aids weight loss and maintenance. Good fats help keep you feeling full even hours after you eat!


Three ripe avocados on marble table top: How to slice an avocado



How to choose a Ripe Avocado:

A ripe avocado  feels firm, but not hard. When you gently press on them there should be a little ‘give’ but not much. I often buy avocados in various stages of ripeness so I don’t have three avocados ripen on the same day. Ripe but firm avocados are best for most recipes, soft avocados are good for guacamole, dips or smoothies.

To ripen an avocado quickly:

Place it in a paper bag and then fold down the top of the bag. A day on the counter is usually enough. To speed up the process even more, put a ripe banana in the bag as well.

OK Let’s Get to The Lesson: How to Slice an Avocado!

Here is my technique for slicing an avocado: Hold the avocado in one hand then use a sharp knife (mine is an 8″ Wusthof Chef’s knife) to cut around the seed from top to bottom. Set your knife down so you can use both hands to twist each half of the avocado in opposite directions, voila! Your avocado is now in two pieces. Now let’s remove that seed. Gently but firmly “tap” the seed with your knife, making sure the knife goes into the seed at least a 1/4 inch. Then twist the knife and lift the seed out. Like so….

How to slice an avocado: a woman's hands holding a knife and demonstrating how to score an avocado and remove the seed

Now we slice: Place the avocado flat side down, skin side up onto a cutting board and slice through the skin and meat of the avocado. Then gently peel off the skin.

How to slice an avocado: a woman's hand with knife demonstrating how to slice and peel and avocado

Use slices on….

My delicious breakfast frittata or…

Sliced avocados on frittatas in black cast iron pans


…or this incredible Ancient Grains Bowl.

Sliced avocado on top of grains and vegetables in a gray bowl


Prefer to dice your Avocado?

To dice your avocado, after removing the skin, simply line up your slices cut it crossways! This is my favorite way to use avocados in salads, like this Apple and Avocado Salad. Now, that you’re a pro, go slice yourself  avocado!

Diced avocado in a salad served on a white plate




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