Happy holidays! If you are in a quandary over what gifts to give (or ask for) this holiday season, I may just have some ideas that will inspire you. Some are food related and some aren’t, but each gift is something I think the recipient will use and truly appreciate. Our family actually uses each and every gift recommendation below!
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I must admit I am a little obsessed with glassware. And Anthropologie has the best selection of unique and gorgeous stemware, tumblers and juice glasses I have ever seen. Take a look, they have something to fit every budget and style preference from elegant to sweet to monogrammed!

Swoon Worthy Holiday Gift Guide 2016


I am a California girl through and through and that may be why The Ranch at Live Oak Cookbook is one of my top picks this year. This book is filled with an array of amazing vegetarian dishes from the chefs at this renowned Malibu spa. But if you’d like more choices, click!

Swoon Worthy Holiday Gift Guide 2016


Food Delivery: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

It is no secret that I am a big fan of Sun Basket Meals and I have to say they make a great gift. What could be better than fresh, organic, non GMO meals delivered to your door complete with recipe cards? No shopping, or having to decide what to make, just open your box and in about 30 minutes you have an incredible, healthy meal. Whom ever you give this gift to will love it! Vegetarian, Paleo and Gluten Free options available. Get $30 off your Sun Basket order! Organic ingredients from the best West Coast farms and easy, healthy recipes delivered weekly.

$30 off Sun Basket

The Jord Wooden Watch!

Jord makes Wooden Wristwatches for both men and women. The faces are available in beautiful colors and styles, some quite fancy and others, like my Mint Frankie watch are casual, but all are  beautiful!

Swoon Worthy Holiday Gift Guide 2016

The Amazon Echo!

This is the coolest gift! We use our Amazon Echo every single day. Tell the echo what music to play, or don’t because she can read your mind and will select music you love all on her own! You can also tell her what time to wake you up, ask her what time it is, how long the drive to work will take, what the weather forecast is like, or even have her remind you of what’s on your ‘to-do list’. She’s like a personal assistant…a really small, smart personal assistant that knows your taste in music.

Swoon Worthy Holiday Gift Guide 2016

The Fitbit! 

This is my husband’s wrist, and that is his Fitbit, he loves it! Fitbit is a physical activity tracker designed to help you become more active, eat a more well-rounded diet, sleep better and ultimately, turn you into a healthier person. I am sure you have already heard the raves, but it’s truly an amazing tool! Small, sleek and available in different colors and styles for men and women, it makes a great gift for anyone trying to improve their health and fitness. 

Swoon Worthy Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Welp, those are my recommendations for this holiday season! I hope you found them helpful. Happy holidays friends! ~ Linda Spiker



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