Looking for a beautiful, delectable dessert for Valentine’s Day? Well I’ve got you covered with everything from chocolates to cake, and berries to crème brûlée!

A collage of nine Valentine's Day Desserts from The Organic Kitchen


Chocolate and Valentines Day go hand in hand… just like you and your special someone! So let’s start with everyone’s favorite mahogany delight, dark chocolate. For recipes simply click on the highlighted links!

Chocolate Bark is easy to make, it’s inexpensive and takes minutes. Break it up and place it atop some vanilla bean Haagen Daaz and you have the perfect romantic dessert.

Chocolate Bark from The Organic Kitchen

Get naked…cake that is. This is The Organic Kitchen triple layer “Naked Chocolate Cake with Butter Cream Frosting”. Rich decadent chocolate separated by the creamiest buttery frosting and topped with berries. Mmmmmmm…

Triple Layer Double Chocolate Cake on Cake plate


These seductive “Molten Spiced Chocolate Pomegranate Cakes” are baked till the top and sides are cooked but the center is left uncooked so when you cut into it the center flows out like lava.

Lava Flow Cake from The Organic Kitchen


How cute are these Heart Shaped Raspberry Lemon Hand Tarts?!

Heart Shaped Raspberry Lemon Hand Tarts!



Cuddle under a blanket next to the fire and sip this creamy and delicious Spiced Hot Chocolate!

Spiced Hot Chocolate from The Organic Kitchen


Of course not all chocolate is dark! Chocolate Raspberries Clusters couldn’t be easier to make and are the perfect cap to a romantic meal!

Chocolate Raspberry Clusters from The Organic Kitchen

If chocolate doesn’t make your heart go pitter patter how about the creamy rich amber goodness of crème brûlée! It’s easier than it looks to make. I love both my Lemon Vanilla Crème Brûlée and my Orange Vanilla Crème Brûlée! (gluten free)

Creme Brûlée from The Organic Kitchen

Looking for something a little lighter? How about my mouthwatering “Berries in a Pastry Basket”? Luscious berries, beautiful orange zest and a little bit of powdered sugar all in a delicate little basket.

Berries in a Pastry Basket from The Organic Kitchen

Last but not least if you are looking for something truly enticing Lemon Blackberry Cake? It’s sweet and tart, dense and moist…perfection on plate!

Lemon Blackberry Vake!

Well my dears…I pulled out all the stops for you on this one! Make me proud and email me pictures or post on Instagram and give a shout out to the_organickitchen! I love to see what you all are making.