Dairy Free “Creamy Dreamy Strawberry Breakfast Smoothie”


This is the “Creamy Dreamy Strawberry Breakfast Smoothie”. Thick, creamy and slightly sweet, perfect for kids and grown ups and it’s dairy free!

Creamy Dreamy Strawberry Breakfast Smoothie

I use vanilla almond milk for the base in this smoothie. You can buy it or use my homemade almond milk recipe…trust me it’s so worth the 5 minutes it takes to make it!

Creamy Dreamy Strawberry Breakfast SmoothieSweetened naturally by dates, bananas and berries, this is the perfect morning smoothie.

Creamy Dreamy Strawberry Breakfast Smoothie

I have a BlendTec Blender. It can make a smoothie out of the toughest fruits and veggies. But if a new BlendTec is not in the budget, you may want to check out the reconditioned BlendTec blenders. My friend just bought one and it’s as good as new for half the price!

Orange zest gives this smoothie a little zing. I use a microplane (like this) to zest citrus. Simply scrape until the white is exposed and then move to a new area. Creamy Dreamy Strawberry Breakfast Smoothie

The Recipe: Creamy Dreamy Strawberry Breakfast Smoothie

Serves 2

1 1/4 cups Vanilla Almond Milk (my recipe here)
Zest of one small orange
Juice of 1 orange
8 frozen strawberries
1 frozen banana
1-3 dates (depending on how sweet you want your smoothie)
Place all ingredients in blender and blend till smooth.

Creamy Dreamy Strawberry Breakfast Smoothie

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~ Linda Spiker

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4 thoughts on “Dairy Free “Creamy Dreamy Strawberry Breakfast Smoothie”

  1. love the photos!! so pretty. sounds like a really refreshing smoothie. i haven’t had a strawberry since summer since it’s hard to get good ones in the winter. i do a have ton of frozen raspberries saved from my garden. probably 20 lbs!

  2. My dad has to eat paleo because of his inflammation disease, and u made him this smoothie and he loved it!! I used peaches and raspberries and I was very pleased! Thank you for the recipes!

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