How to Roast a Red Bell Pepper!


I love  good old fashioned “How To!” This one is a favorite: roasted red bell peppers.

How to Roast a Red Bell Pepper

Aren’t they lovely and so good for you! Bell peppers are packed with nutrients such as vitamin C, B6, Thiamine, beta carotene, and folic acid… just to name a few!

How to Roast a Red Bell Pepper

Bell Peppers start out green, as they mature they turn yellow, then orange and finally red. As they ripen they become more mild and sweet. As their color changes so does their antioxidant levels! The red have 50 times the antioxidants of the green. Bell peppers are an excellent vegetable to add to your diet.

Sometimes my students will ask “Roasted peppers come in a jar, so why roast them yourself?” Well, sometimes I don’t. When I am in a huge hurry, or feeling a little lazy, I buy the jar. The down side to jarred peppers packed in water is they need to be used within a few days of opening. Most of the recipes I use need one or two peppers so I end up wasting the rest of the jar and spending more money to do so. Not very budget smart.

How to Roast a Red Bell Pepper

How To Roast a Bell Pepper

Place the pepper directly on the burner with flame on. As the skin blackens, turn with tongs or a fork. When skin is completely black, place pepper in a bowl, cover with plastic or a small plate and allow to steam in it’s own heat for ten minutes. When cool enough to touch, use your fingers to rub off the blackened skin. Sometimes I even rinse it under water. When skin is removed, take out the seeds and pith (the white center) and chop. (Love my Wusthof 8″ chef’s knife!)

How to Roast a Red Bell Pepper

How to Roast a Red Bell Pepper

I use roasted red bell peppers in so many recipes…like this salsa from my Pistachio Nut Crusted Halibut! This menu that is featured in my Spring / Summer cookbook along with many other healthy and delicious recipes.

How to Roast a Red Bell Pepper




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  1. thanks for sharing this. I always have a hard time getting all the skin to peel off easily and can usually get some of it to do so. I just don’t think I do it long enough.

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