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The time has come. Are you excited? Filled with trepidation? A little of both maybe? There is plenty to do the week before a Whole 30 Challenge and the fact is, we will lose some of you on the very first day. And you know who those people will be? Those that have not prepared. Preparation is crucial to succeeding on Whole 30, that is why I have done my best to provide you with information, recipes and a little cheerleading. So far we have covered:

Whole 30 With Me
How to do A Whole 30 Without Losing Your Mind
Whole 30: The Do’s, the Don’ts and The Gray Areas

Today we will be talking about…

Whole 30 Prep: The Week Before

Whole 30 Prep: The Week Before



1. Read the book: I know I have mentioned this in EVERY.SINGLE. POST…but seriously it’s your food bible for the next 30 days (and maybe the rest of you life).

2. Get familiar with the meal template and create a meal plan for the first week: include breakfasts, lunches and dinners for seven days.

3. Clean out your fridge, then restock it! Remove non Whole 30 foods from the pantry and fridge then stock both with compliant foods. Go to the store and purchase what you need for the individual recipes you have selected for the week. Grab some convenience foods (like spiralized veggies, riced cauliflower, rotisserie chicken etc…)  that make meals easier to make. Helps: The Whole 30 shopping list and pantry list. Put Whole 30 approved grab and go foods in your purse or briefcase for emergencies.

4. Batch Cooking/Preparing Weekly: this is optional but I find it so helpful, the worst thing you can do on Whole 30 is find yourself without food options. Like a boy scout, be prepared. Shred rotisserie or homemade roasted chicken to toss in salads, soups or lettuce wraps. Prep veggies and make salad dressings. Make Whole 30 Freezer Crock Pot Meals and/or compliant soups to freeze them just grab when needed. Also, these Whole30 Marinades are a life saver. Set aside a little time to make all of them at once and freeze for later.

5. Cook once, eat twice: if you are making Whole 30 meatballs for dinner, double the recipe and freeze the extras for next time. If you make roasted vegetables for dinner, make extra for breakfast for the next several mornings. Just reheat the vegetables with eggs in a pan.

6. Start pinning: visit the Pinterest Board and start pinning recipes that interest you. That way when you are in the store you can bring up recipes right on your phone!

7. Make a List of your physical, mental and emotional complaints. It could look something like this: headaches, swollen joints, bags under eyes, eczema, insomnia, weight gain, mood swings, energy slumps, redness on chest, achey muscles, sinus pressure, belly bloat…wow you’re a mess! It’s a good thing you’re doing Whole 30!

So Get to It:

Prepare and get ready to learn more about yourself in the next 30 days than you have in a very long time! And remember, I will be sharing here and on The Organic Kitchen Facebook Page and Pinterest Board.~ Linda Spiker


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