Fresh Fish Tacos!

Spring is here and my blog has a brand new look thanks to the Blog-doo babes!  I am posting my first spring recipe to celebrate. When it comes to spring recipes, fresh is the name of the game and these fish tacos are as fresh as they come. They also happen to be   full of antioxidants, healthy fats, and protein and are gluten and dairy free.

Fresh Fish Tacos from The Organic Kitchen

I top these tacos with my fresh salsa recipe but you can also use your favorite store bought salsa or pico de gallo if you don’t have time to make your own.

Fresh Fish Tacos from The Organic Kitchen

These tacos are so fresh and flavorful you will hard pressed to find better in a restaurant!

Fresh Fish Tacos from The Organic Kitchen

For me, tacos are all about the tortilla, a lousy tortilla can ruin an otherwise great taco! I always buy my corn tortillas at my favorite Mexican restaurant. Luckily it happens to be right next to whole foods market where I buy my fish. These tortillas are handmade daily.

Fresh Fish Tacos from The Organic Kitchen

I use two different fish for this recipe. My favorite, salmon, and my husbands favorite, halibut. Halibut is in season from April to October but Sprouts carries an all natural frozen halibut fillet in the off season that cooks up great.

Fresh Fish Tacos from The Organic Kitchen

Before we get to the recipe, let’s talk about buying fish:

1. It’s best not to buy fish wrapped in plastic. You should be able to smell the fish you are buying. I always buy mine from a fishmonger I trust. If he is handling it, cutting it etc… he will know if it’s not fresh.

2. Always buy fish the day you plan on making it.

3. When selecting fish always point to the piece you want. In stores the freshest fish is placed in the front of the window, closest to you, and the fish from the day before is placed in the back, closest to the fishmonger. So when you are looking at the fish closest to you and ask for it, he pulls it from the back. It doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with that fish from the day before, it’s just not the freshest…and you want the freshest!

4. If it’s available to you, use wild caught salmon. Click here to read why.

Fresh Fish Tacos from The Organic Kitchen

I season the fish with sea salt, freshly ground pepper and garlic powder, then I sauté it in coconut oil, butter or ghee. If you are using two kinds of fish, like me, try to keep them separated in the pan.

Fresh Fish Tacos from The Organic Kitchen

Then just build your taco! Place the fish, hearty romaine, salsa and fresh sprigs of cilantro, drizzle with lime and voila!

Fresh Fish Tacos from The Organic Kitchen

The Recipe: Makes four tacos

12 oz fresh halibut or salmon (or 6 oz of each) cut into 1″ cubes
sea salt (I use Maldons)
freshly ground pepper
2 T coconut oil, ghee or butter
1 lime quartered
handful of cilantro sprigs
fresh salsa or pico de gallo (recipe below)
4 corn tortillas

Cut fish into 1″ cubes, lightly season with sea salt. pepper and garlic powder. Place large pan on cooktop on medium heat. Add a couple tablespoons of coconut oil, butter or ghee. When melted add fish to pan, turning as each side browns. Fish should be done in about 8 minutes.

Salsa Recipe:

2 medium tomatoes, diced
½ of one medium white onion, diced, see how here
¼ of one green bell pepper, diced
½ -1 tsp serrano chilis finely chopped, see how here
2 T fresh cilantro, chopped
Juice of half a lime
sea salt, to taste

Combine all ingredients except Serrano chili. Add 1/2 teaspoon at a time, mixing and tasting in between additions. When the heat is right, cover and refrigerate till serving.

Fresh Fish Tacos from The Organic Kitchen

Fresh Fish Tacos from The Organic Kitchen

Truly gorgeous and so delicious…not to mention healthy and light. My cookbooks are chock full of more delicious recipes like this one! So please take a look and subscribe if you haven’t already!

Disclosure: I make a small profit (tiny really) from purchases made through affiliate links in this post. It allows me to keep this fabulous site up and running! Let it be noted that your cost remains the same and I only recommend products or services I have personally used and trust! Pinky swear!


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  1. First, these look amazing amazing!! I’m a bit clueless as to how to be creative with fish, so I’ll be making these soon! Thank you for some inspiration in the fish department. Second, I love your new design! Beautiful!!

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