10 Pasta Dinners in 20 Minutes or Less!

Time. Sometimes there just isn’t enough of it! I remember the days when our kids would come home from school, pile in the car, and I spent the next several hours carting them from one activity to another. We would walk back in the door at dinner time and everyone was hungry, then I would scramble to figure out what to make. I wish I had a blog I could refer to back then that would have told me how to make a fantastic, filling dinner in 20 minutes. Luckily you have the internet…and me!

The following pasta dinners are all quick, budget friendly, delicious, and not one of these recipes uses hamburger or jarred pasta sauce! 10 Pasta Dinners In 20 Minutes or Less!:


Pasta Aglio e Olio with Eggs Sunny Side Up!

This delicious pasta is easy on the wallet. Minimal prep. Maximum flavor! And look at those eggs!

10 Pasta Dinners in 20 Minutes or Less!



Linguini with Rainbow Carrots and Broccolini!

This pasta cooks in the same pot as the veggies for easy clean up. Add some rotisserie chicken if you prefer some protein.

Ten Pastas in Under 20!

Simple Lemon Pasta with Walnuts:

This simple pasta is done in the amount of time it takes to cook the spaghetti!

Ten Pastas in Under 20!

Pasta with Mint Pea Sauce!

This pasta is so unique and delicious. It makes a big impression and requires little effort.


Linguini with Chicken and Goat Cheese:

A savory linguini that is perfect for the family and entertaining!

Ten Pastas in Under 20!

Penne Pasta with Asparagus:

This penne pasta with cream sauce was a favorite among my students when I taught cooking classes. 

Ten Pastas in Under 20!

 Spaghetti Carbonara with Italian Sausage and Rocket:

This pasta feeds a crowd and just in case you are wondering…’rocket’ is just a cool way to say arugula.

Ten Pastas in Under 20!

Three Cheese Tortellini with Sun Dried Tomatoes!

This tortellini dish requires almost no prep and cooks in a snap!

Ten Pastas in Under 20!

Linguini with Bell Peppers and Serrano Chili:

This linguini dish is a Spiker family favorite! My boys are away at college and still make this pasta for themselves and friends.

Ten Pastas in Under 20!


Pasta with Tomatoes and Lemon

No lie, this pasta is ready in under ten minutes! Light, lemony and perfect for the tomato lover.

Ten Pastas in Under 20!


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All photos and recipes are copyrighted by Linda Spiker.


50 thoughts on “10 Pasta Dinners in 20 Minutes or Less!

  1. I always seem to wait till the last minute to get dinner on the table, which means the meals aren’t as healthy as I’d like. Good to have these recipes in my arsenal.

  2. I’m still in those days that I am car pooling the kids around. Your pasta dished look amazing and I love that I can prepare them in a short amount of time. Thanks Linda!!

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