Three Ingredient Puréed Cauliflower


I felt it was perfectly appropriate in the middle of our ‘Month of Motivation’ and ’14 Day Green Breakfast Challenge’ to offer up a delicious and nutritious ‘Three Ingredient Cauliflower Puree recipe! If you are a fan of mashed potatoes you are going to love this!


Looks like mashed potatoes, has the creaminess and texture of mashed potatoes and even tastes like mashed potatoes. Cauliflower is high in fiber, Vitamin C, folate and contains many phtyochemicals common in plants that are members the cabbage family. Cauliflower is also high in sulforaphane, a nutrient known to have anti-cancer benefits. All this and almost no carbs! So indulge with absolutely no guilt!


What are the three ingredients? Cauliflower, butter and chicken stock, homemade of course! Oh… and some sea salt and freshly ground pepper…ok, so I guess that makes  five ingredients…unless you count all the ingredients in the homemade chicken stock…then make that Fourteen Ingredient Pureed Cauliflower. Homemade chicken stock gives this cauliflower a rich and more savory flavor, and it’s good for you. If you don’t make your own, simply use store bought it won’t be as flavorful, but it will work.

Three Ingredient Cauliflower Puree from


The Recipe: Three Ingredient Cauliflower Puree

5 cups cauliflower, leaves and core removed, cut into small florets
6 T butter, room temp (I use pastured butter, this is why)
1/3 Cup chicken stock, heated (my recipe) Vegetarians use veggie stock of course!
Sea salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste

Place two inches of water in vegetable steamer (like this one). Turn on high heat. Steam cauliflower till a fork goes in easily, usually 10-12 minutes. Carefully place cauliflower into food processor (like this) add heated broth and butter. Process till smooth, scraping down sides of processor if needed. That’s it!

I recently did a guess post on the blog Homegrown and Healthy. It included this Garlic Butter Salmon which I happened to pair with Cauliflower Puree! To see the recipe for the salmon below, click here.


Yum! For more info on “The Month of Motivation” and the “Fourteen Day Green Breakfast Challenge”, click here.


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  1. I got 2 huge heads of cauliflower from my Abundant Harvest box, thought I’d try this recipe. Wow! I wouldn’t have thought it would be so easy and so delicious! Thank you!!

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