Easy Sweet Potato Fritters-Paleo/Whole 30

My love affair with sweet potatoes has not lost it’s spark. In fact, I am swooning over these  Easy Sweet Potato Fritters! They are crispy, simple to prep, quick to cook and are Paleo and Whole 30 compliant. Be still my heart!
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Oh That Crispy Goodness…

And so simple. Sweet potatoes shredded with a food processor or box grater, mixed with eggs, chives, sea salt and pepper and then spooned into a hot pan and cooked until crispy and browned.

Easy Sweet Potato Fritters-Paleo/Whole 30

Kids Love Them Too!

I made these for my 2 year old grand daughter a few nights ago and she gobbled them up. Nothing is more rewarding than when kids love to eat healthy food. She dipped them in ketchup (because she’s obsessed). I dip mine in a dairy free ranch dressing!

Easy Sweet Potato Fritters-Paleo/Whole 30

Serving Suggestions:

These fritters are fantastic alone, or served alongside eggs for breakfast, but I also love them as a side dish to my Chopped Chicken Salad and Homemade Dairy Free Ranch!

Easy Sweet Potato Fritters-Paleo/Whole 30

The recipe:Easy Sweet Potato Fritters-Paleo/Whole 30

What you need:  food processor or box grater, and a good knife! I love these fritters served with my Dairy Free Ranch!

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Easy Sweet Potato Fritters! Paleo- Whole 30




Yield 4 servings

Only five ingredients and two are salt and pepper!


2 medium sized sweet potatoes, peeled and grated (approx 4-5 cups)

2 Tablespoons chives, chopped

2 large eggs, whisked

1 teaspoon sea salt

a few turns freshly ground pepper

2-3 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil or ghee


You can cook these in batches or use two pans. If cooking in batches you will need to carefully wipe pan clean with paper towel and add more olive oil in between batches

Line a colander with two layers of paper towels and set in sink

Peel potatoes, use a food processor or box grater to grate

Sprinkle sweet potatoes with sea salt and toss, pour into colander and allow to sit for 10 minutes

while potatoes sit, whisk eggs and chop chives

Use paper towels to squeeze out and excess moisture from potatoes and place in a large bowl

Add whisked eggs, chives and pepper mixing until well combined

Place a pan on medium/high heat for two minutes

When pan is very hot add oil or ghee, allow oil to get hot but not smoking

Add sweet potatoes to pan by the large spoonful (2-3 tablespoons)  and use the back of the spoon to spread grated potatoes into a circle (try to keep fritters about a 1/4 inch thick, if they are too thin they will fall apart)

Cook 4 minutes or so until the first side is browned, pressing with a spatula here and there, then gently turn fritters over to cook second side, turning down heat if necessary

If cooking in batches, try to remove any bits of potatoes that broke off and add more oil to pan before adding second batch

When potatoes are done, serve alone, with ketchup or with my homemade ranch dressing!

Courses side dish

Cuisine American

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