It is said “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”…

Amen. I concur. Ahhhh-greed. It seems every time I go off my healthy eating regimen I can chalk it up to my failure to plan. Ok, maybe not every time… on some occasions I can chalk it up to something irresistibly delicious and my lack of will power. But I digress. Usually my clean eating goes out the window when I didn’t get to the store,  make a meal plan and use a shopping list, or prep my food in advance…so I reach for the quickest and easiest meal which usually isn’t the healthiest option. BUT did you know there are three common kitchen features/appliances that can help you stay on the healthy eating course? What are they? So glad I asked…

 1. The Delayed Timer Feature On Your Oven Should Be Your New Best friend!

This little convenience has saved me many a time! When my boys played high school volleyball we would get home right at dinner time, no time to prep and cook. That is when I learned the miracle of the delayed timer! I would prep my food in the afternoon, place it in the oven, set the delayed cook timer and head to the game. The meal would cook while we were gone and we were able to sit down for a healthy hot meal when we got home. I would always set the timer so cook time would end about 15 minutes after we would arrive home. That way I could baste or check the meal before it was done. If you don’t know how to set your delayed time, google it! You won’t be sorry.

So what can you make using the delayed timer??? Again, so glad I asked….

How 3 Common Kitchen Appliances Can Help You Stay On a Healthy Eating Plan

Top left: Roasted Root Vegetables
Top right: Roasted Chicken with Herbs de Provence
Bottom left: Baked Sweet Potatoes with Spicy Maple Creme Fraiche
Bottom right: Roasted Carrots with Gremolata
Not pictured: Roasted Garlic Lemon Chicken

2. Use Your Freezer To Stock Up On Healthy Soups and Bag Smoothie Ingredients in Advance

Soup and smoothies, two healthy items that can be made and frozen ahead. I set a day aside every fall to make a few soups and freeze them in single or double portion sized glass containers, like these.

How Three Common Kitchen Appliances Can Help You Stay on a Healthy Eating Plan!

Then I have 30 meals at my fingertips! When I know I am going to have a busy day I take a portion out of the freezer the night before and put it in the fridge. When I get home that evening I just heat up the soup. It’s like fairies came in when I was gone and cooked for me! These are some of the soups I freeze. They thaw beautifully.

How Three Common Kitchen Appliances Can Help You Stay on a Healthy Eating Plan

PicMonkey Collagesoup

The Organic Kitchen Chunky Chicken Veggie Soup
The Organic Kitchen Creamy Tomato Soup
The Organic Kitchen Hearty French Lentil Soup
The Organic Kitchen Minestrone Soup
The Organic Kitchen Creamy Butternut Squash Soup

Smoothies can be even more convenient! Just bag up the greens, fruit, dates etc… and put them in the freezer. Pull them out when you are ready, pop them in the blender with almond milk, apple juice or whatever liquid you desire and you have a smoothie in 60 seconds flat! No trying to find and measure ingredients when you are in a hurry! The ingredients in these baggies make my favorite morning smoothie!


Three Appliances that Keep You on the Healthy Eating Track

3. Pull Out The Crock Pot

I know, crock pot cooking does take a bit of time in the morning but it’s well worth the effort! I love leaving in the morning and coming home to a wonderful smelling house and a warm delicious meal I simply have to scoop into a bowl!

This is my Slow Cooked Pot Roast with Shallots

How Three Common Kitchen Appliances Can Help You Stay on a Healthy Eating Plan





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