12 Healthy, Delicious (Whole 30) Lunch Recipes!

Lunch is always my biggest challenge when on Whole 30, or for that matter, anytime. For some reason creating a healthy, delicious breakfast or dinner is a cinch, but at lunchtime I struggle. So what better way to help myself, and you, than to gather a collection of lunch recipes that are amazingly delicious, healthy and happen to be Whole 30/Paleo compliant!
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12 Healthy (Whole 30) Lunch Recipes

12 Healthy, Delicious (Whole 30) Lunch Recipes! #whole30 #lunch

Keep the eyes and the belly happy with these Paleo Chili Stuffed Sweet Potatoes from Calm Eats!


12 Healthy, Delicious (Whole 30) Lunch Recipes! #whole30 #lunch


Collard Wraps and Satay Dipping Sauce from The Healthy Foodie, because sometimes you just want a sandwich!

12 Healthy, Delicious (Whole 30) Lunch Recipes! #whole30 #paleo #lunch

The Best Homemade Chicken Salad from me, The Organic Kitchen. Serve on a bed of lettuce and enjoy!

12 Healthy, Delicious (Whole 30) Lunch Recipes!

Chili is classic comfort food, but frequently off limits for those on Whole 30 because of the beans. This Beanless Turkey Chili with Cashew Cream from Cook with Me Darling makes a great W30 lunch and is made in about 30 minutes!


…these Spiralized Sandwich Buns from Inspiralized and you’ve got an incredible burger! (PS the bun is W30 compliant, the filling pictured is not)



There is nothing like a Chopped Salad with Ranch Dressing!  And this homemade dairy free dressing is to die for…

12 Healthy, Delicious (Whole 30) Lunch Recipes!

Look at the color of this Rainbow Salad with Grilled Chicken and Raspberry Walnut Dressing from A Calculated Whisk!

12 Healthy, Delicious (Whole 30) Lunch Recipes! #whole30 #paleo #lunch

Ground Turkey Brussels Sprouts Skillet from My Heart Beets: good old fashioned comfort food.

12 Healthy, Delicious (Whole 30) Lunch Recipes! #whole30 #paleo #lunch

Make the Whole 30 version of this Shrimp or Chicken and Artichoke Heart Soup and eat it all week or freeze in mason jars for later.

12 Healthy, Delicious (Whole 30) Lunch Recipes! #whole30 #paleo #lunch

When pomegranates are out of season I make this Mango Pomegranate Chicken Salad with raspberries!

12 Healthy, Delicious (Whole 30) Lunch Recipes! #whole30 #paleo #lunch

These Chicken Pesto Stuffed Potatoes from The Whole Cook rock my world!

12 Healthy, Delicious (Whole 30) Lunch Recipes! #whole30 #lunch


Ten minutes is all it takes to make this Amazing Variation of Egg Drop Soup!

12 Healthy, Delicious (Whole 30) Lunch Recipes! #whole30 #paleo #lunch

More Whole 30 Recipes!

See: 12 Healthy Delicious (Whole 30) Breakfast Recipes here and 12 Dinner Recipes here. Enjoy~ Linda Spiker

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30 thoughts on “12 Healthy, Delicious (Whole 30) Lunch Recipes!

  1. Everything looks so delicious! I’ve been in a lunch funk lately and have been looking for some new ideas. This is perfect and I’m looking to try many of these. I appreciate them being so healthy as well!

  2. Okay…EVERY single one of these recipes sounds amazing, Linda! I’m not a big fan of avocado, unfortunately, but I’d totally try them stuffed with chicken salad…YUM all around!

  3. I’m totally with you on the what to eat for lunch question! I usually search for leftovers for a quick and easy fix, but these look DELICIOUS!! Tomorrow I’m off to stock some chicken and salad fixins:)

  4. I really shouldn’t look at these when I’m hungry because I want to eat my computer screen. These look so delicious! Even if you don’t mention, “whole30”, these are amazing Linda!

    • No dairy at all is allowed on Whole 30. Your comment made me wonder why you asked and I searched through these recipes and realized you must have been talking about the filling of the spiralized sweet potato buns. The buns themselves are compliant. The filling is not.

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