May…a favorite month of mine. The weather is perfect, summer is becoming evermore a reality and this year my birthday and Mother’s Day fell on the same Sunday. I love May. Besides all the normal reasons to love the month that bridges spring and summer, it turns out it was a pretty great month on the world wide web as well! Here are just a Few of my Favorite Things from The WWW in May!

Food, Food, Glorious Food:

A Few of My favorite Things May 2014


This idea is genius! Make smoothies, put them in a reusable pack, freeze them and grab and go! Your kids will love Healthy Summer Smoothies on the Go from Live Simply and so will you!

This Chicken Dish from Grokgrub looks amazing! Oh and guess what…barely any carbs!

I don’t have a dehydrator (affiliate link) but after reading this post from Delicious Obsessions I am getting one! 80+ Dehydrator Recipes

Pull out the grill because you are going to love this BBQ, Sides and Salads round up from Skinny Pear!

For The Fellas!

According to google analytics 47% of my blog followers are men! Who knew?! So this segment is for the guys, but ladies you will love it too!

As a young mom I appreciated that my husband rough housed with the kids…it was something I just wasn’t interested in but knew they needed and enjoyed. I loved this article “Why We Need Rough Housing”  from Good Men Project.

Being that Father’s Day is creeping up I thought I would bring you the finalists for top rated blog posts about Fatherhood!

Home and Garden:

If your garden doesn’t look like the cover of a magazine no worries…Pantry Paratus makes you feel a lot better about it with Gardens that Inspire! (Guess what? My herb garden is featured!)


Health and Well Being:

The 1980’s was a disastrous decade for fat…dietary fat that is. Unfortunately it was a stellar decade for the kind that accumulates on your belly and backside! The media did an amazing job brainwashing the American public that fat was bad when in reality it is an essential nutrient that provides energy, regulates hormones and prevents depression! Read Six Graphs That Show The War on Fat was a Huge Mistake!

Did you know the food you eat can reduce inflammation…or cause it? Learn what foods can help reduce your inflammation and thereby your pain here: Pain Relief Protocol from Mind Body Oasis


Fermenting vegetables is one of the best ways to get your probiotics (those bacteria that make your tummy happy). I buy mine because I have always been too intimidated to make my own. This video tutorial from Homegrown and Healthy makes it look so easy I am going to give it a try! Watch video here.

Books…E and Otherwise:

“Dad is Fat” (affiliate link) is a hilarious book written by comedian Jim Gaffigan that all parents will enjoy. I read it on the train as we traveled through Italy and was laughing out loud. It would make a great gift for Father’s Day! (get it here)

My husband and I are 12 days into the Whole 30 program and loving it! We both feel fantastic and my husband has dropped some considerable weight! Why is it different than any other program that focuses on controlling carbohydrates? Because this program helps you recognize that your brain is driven by many other forces than hunger, it explains leaky gut syndrome and how chronic inflammation leads to chronic disease, and teaches you a whole lot about nutrition at the same time! The book is called It Starts with Food: Whole 30 (affiliate link) I will be posting some Whole 30 recipes soon so keep an eye out!


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